Posted: 04 November 2016

Catching up with the interns

Autumn saw the landing of our latest team of interns, myself among them, who arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to take on their three-month placements with The Children’s Society. With some of us still immersed in our university studies and others returning from career breaks, our team of interns have one thing in common: our eagerness to get involved with the work of The Children’s Society.

Breaking the ice

We participated in an initial induction workshop to formally introduce us to The Children’s Society and to one another. Whilst managing to avoid the usual ‘team building’ icebreaker activities that tend to make newcomers squirm, the Volunteering team put together a programme of exercises and discussions with the aim of making us feel as comfortable and as clued in as possible before starting our internships. Brainstorming sessions covered themes such as effectiveness in the workplace and skills awareness. The workshop helped us recognise the key to making our internships as successful and rewarding as possible.

The Volunteering team also conducted a CV workshop for us. This involved a day devoted to discussing best practice for CVs and supporting statements, as well as interview guidance. With plenty of resources available and an informal atmosphere with round table discussion, the workshop proved to be really useful.

Get to know us

The interns’ roles stretch across a range of teams, including Policy, Fundraising, Finance, Digital and Internal Communications. Each of us has been presented with our own individual project to work on during the programme.

I caught up with Saba, the Student Events Fundraising and Marketing Intern, and Scott, the Refugee and Migrants Campaign Intern, to chat about their roles and the progress of their projects so far.

Saba said:

I am currently enjoying the variation in my role and interacting with all the members of my team. I think the best part is being able to design and write my own resources because it helps me feel like I have accomplished something substantial.

Scott said:

I am really enjoying working with my team – there isn’t anyone I can’t go to for help. The atmosphere they have created in the office has made me feel more than welcome, helping me settle in since day one! All of this has helped me to get on with my project – it’s just a shame I’m only here 2 days a week.

My own experience so far has also been really positive. The best thing about my Digital Editorial role is the variety of skills I am learning and the interest my team has in my personal development. Working with The Children’s Society is a relationship that works both ways- you get out just as much as you put in.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks to find out exactly what we interns are getting up to.


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