Posted: 08 June 2013

Can little children lead? Involving children in church and communities

Rev Dr Kate Coleman is founder and co-director of Next Leadership, Chair of the Evangelical Alliance Council and a Baptist minister. Her reflection, Inclusive leadership, describes how children’s worship can be both disarmingly truthful and very challenging. Drawing on Isaiah 11:1-9, she asks whether children can lead us and help us create communities which are richer for everyone.

We here in our church partnerships team are developing a brand new package of resources to help you listen to children’s voices and encourage their participation in your worship. We’re encouraging churches to engage in an on-going process of listening, reflection, worship and action, and will be giving you tools to help you listen to the voices of children and young people in your community.

Look out for our revised Leaves of Life materials, available from July.

This month's resources

In the meantime, don't miss these resources for you and your church:

Our intergenerational work

Kate Coleman's reflection draws upon our work to make sure young people are heard and included in all aspects of their lives. Our intergenerational services work with young people and older people to improve their experience of living together in the community.

We create opportunities for young and old to interact with each other, and help create happier and stronger communities which engage both generations.

Learn more about our intergenerational services.

By Sophie Brightwell - Church team

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