Posted: 02 September 2013

Are you a university student? Apply to join our scheme with the IoF

Today, we're joining the Institute in Fundraising to support a new scheme for university students who would like to gain invaluable experience as fundraisers.

Stephanie Drummond, our Student Fundraising Coordinator, took a few minutes to answer our questions about the scheme. 

Q: Can you tell me a little about this new scheme?

Institute of Fundraising logoA: Yes. We’ve partnered with the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) to provide a brilliant new fundraising scheme for students. The free scheme will give students with the opportunity to obtain a professional fundraising qualification by completing an online course.

Successful applicants will also receive careers coaching from our learning and development team and will receive informal fundraising mentoring from me!

Q: Who is it open to?

A: Any current university student who is an active member of their Raising and Giving Committee (RAG) or equivalent fundraising group can apply.

Also, applicants need to either have fundraised for or intend to fundraise for The Children’s Society. They can do this through their RAG or as an individual.

three smiling student fundraisersQ: Can you explain the benefits of the scheme a bit more? For example, what is the benefit of the qualification?

A: Well, you can get a qualification in fundraising completely for free! If anyone is interested in pursuing a career in the charity sector this scheme will demonstrate your business and fundraising skills and employability. You will be helping yourself achieve that 'added value' all employers want to see on a CV.

The scheme will also give participants a better understanding of key fundraising tools and techniques, an understanding of the fundamentals of why and how donors give, and help them be able to use tools to help you measure successful fundraising activities.

The scheme will also benefit your RAG, as you can apply what you’ve learnt to develop your fundraising events and improve your RAG’s policy and practice.

Q: That makes sense. What will someone do on a day-to-day basis in this scheme?

A: The key activities throughout the scheme include attending an open day at our offices, fundraising to support our work, studying the online fundraising course and attending careers coaching sessions hosted by our learning and development team.

Q: Were you in a similar scheme when you were a student? 

A: Unfortunately, no. I would have loved to do something like this when I was a student in Sheffield RAG!

This is a new scheme launched just this year by the IoF. There isn’t really much help out there for students interested in the charity sector, so I’m hoping this scheme will make a huge difference. 

Q: What have I not asked about that is important for people to know? [Feel free to rephrase]

A:  The only thing left to say is APPLY! Anyone can download the application form our page about the scheme beginning. Applications close on 11 October, and successful applicants will be announced on the 31 October. Apply today!


Learn more about the scheme

Visit our IoF student fundraising scheme page for the application and more information

By Stephanie Drummond - Fundraising and events team

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