Posted: 08 February 2012

Bringing generations together for Safer Internet Day

On Monday, children as young as eight participated in an intergenerational project designed to bring both the younger and the older generations together to look at internet safety.

The event was at the Greenwich Intergenerational Project, which is part of The Children’s Society and funded by The Big Lottery. The project was set up to improve younger and older people's experiences of living together in their community.

The day was held at Horn Park Primary School and included a year 4/5 class and their community of parents and elders.

Learning and sharing computer skills

The group of young people introduced the day themselves with brilliant enthusiasm. Everybody was shown a short video and presentation highlighting important facts about internet safety. The children then shared their skills with the parents and elders on how to safely use the computer.

Nine-year-old Naomi showed an elderly woman from her community how to make a background for her computer desktop, and how to safely find an image online and save it to her computer.

Overall, it was very well received. The adults went away with practical information and tips on helping themselves and their children to stay safe online. And the young people had the opportunity to take the lead on the activities and develop their computer skills. 

One parent that attended said: 'These children know a lot and have fantastic skills. I think this day will really help me and my children at home.'

By Hazal Kirci, aged 15
By Hazal Kirci - Guest bloggers

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