Posted: 23 December 2016

Breathing space theology

Challenges of Christmas

The cost of Christmas presents, going to Christmas parties, extra-curricular activities and enough food for Christmas holidays can all add up. For families living in problem debt this time of year can leave many anxious, stressed and uncertain. Making our Breathing Space campaign absolutely necessary.


Breathing space

Give young people in debt space to breathe

There are a staggering 2.4 million families living in problem debt. Our research has found that young people, whose families are living in problem debt, are vulnerable to long-term mental health problems. The stresses and anxieties of debts that cannot be repaid are acutely felt by young people. These young people, made in the image of God, are not able to flourish in the way that God intended. Christians are called to be concerned with the welfare of young people, ensuring that they are able to know the fullness of life – which means freedom from the worries of debt.

Theological reflections

Our Breathing Space theology outlines why and how we can apply biblical principles of Sabbath to this critical social issue. How should we respond to families with financial difficulties? How would Jesus engage with these families? We invite you to read our theological reflection and consider the implications of Sabbath rest for the young people you might know, work with or see in your community.

We are campaigning for a statutory ‘breathing space’ for families. The vision is a society in which families have the time and space they need in order to be able to repay their debts, without the anxiety of time-pressured debt repayments.

The vision is to support families, ensuring young people have the Sabbath rest they need. To be successful, we must build support for the campaign in every corner of the country, from the corridors of Parliament to the smallest parish. This Christmas, will you consider bringing Sabbath rest to families by supporting this campaign?

By Esther Elliott - Church team

Ask your MP to back Breathing Space

Ask your MP to publicly back our plans to give families in debt a breathing space


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