Posted: 19 October 2017

Breaking the cycle of disadvantage at party conferences

Party Conferences are always an interesting beast – a chance to get a feel for the fortunes of the main political parties, hear from party activists and discuss future policy directions and priorities.  

It certainly was a politically tumultuous time with leadership speculation rife in Manchester, and Labour buoyant after their unexpected election result.  Shares in cough sweets have gone through the roof, and everyone is wondering just what the chances were of those letters falling off at exactly that moment.

But enough about the political gossip, why were we there?

We attend party conferences to make sure that children’s issues remain high on the agenda – no mean feat when Brexit is dominating political energy. 

This year we played a game to encourage MPs and Councillors to work with us to tackle the cycle of disadvantage that many children and young people face. 

We also produced our ever-popular local data packs, one for every parliamentary constituency and local authority in England and Wales.  These packs show the level of need by area by revealing key data, including:

  • how many children go missing
  • how many are living in poverty and problem debt
  • the number of children in care
  • ...and much more.

Get your local pack here  

‘I’ve collected my local stats’

Every time an MP or Councillor came by our stand to chat we asked them to take a photograph, the dreaded obligatory ‘photo opp’.  We then share these with our supporters and campaigners, and we certainly had some big hitters this year. 

Scroll through our photo gallery below to see who popped by.

Angela Rayner at party conference holding sign
Angela Rayner
Debbie Abrams at party conference holding sign
Debbie Abrams
Diane Abbott at party conference holding sign
Diane Abbott
Luciana Berger at party conference holding sign
Luciana Berger
David Davis at party conference holding sign
David Davis
Justine Greening at party conference holding sign
Justine Greening

Keep up to date

If you want to find out more about our work at party conferences, keep up to date on our influencing work or see who popped by our stall, then you can follow us on Twitter @childsocpol.

By Lucy Dacey - Programme staff

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