Posted: 01 December 2016

Break the darkness with the light of Christingle

We shuffle in, out of the cold. It isn’t long before we are handed a bizarre object. As the lights fade, sweets are stealthily swallowed.

Then darkness.



Get involved in Christingle

The darkness is broken. Broken by the collective light we hold.

Christingle is captivating. It is a deeply powerful service that catches the imagination of over a million people each year and brings light to the lives of thousands of vulnerable children.

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Collective worship and social participation have very strong links to positive well-being and we invite you to find out where your nearest Christingle service is, so that you can experience the joy and wonder yourself.

Well-being and mental health

Social participation in religious activity has a clear and strong positive correlation across all measures of well-being. You can read more about this in Theos’ recent summary of 139 academic studies into religion, well-being and mental health.

By Ben Palmer - Church team

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