Posted: 27 November 2016

Bishop Libby Lane welcomes you to Advent

Welcome to The Children's Society’s well-being Advent calendar!

As the season of preparation for the coming of Jesus begins, I invite you to reflect on the titles given to Christ in Isaiah 9 that were given to Jesus when he was born.

‘Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God,

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.’

If you are unfamiliar with meditating on verses, take each word or phrase at a time. Ponder it, explore its meaning, for example, picture Jesus as a ‘Wonderful Counsellor’, and memorise it so that you can recall it throughout the day.



Well-being and mental health

Most studies in the last 30 years have shown a straightforward, strong and positive correlation between personal participation in religious activity, like meditative prayer, and well-being, most notably in the area of mental health. You can read more about this link in the summary of 139 academic studies into religion, well-being and mental health that Theos recently conducted.

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Today, Bishop Libby welcomes you to The Children's Society’s Advent calendar



By Bishop Libby Lane

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