Posted: 20 March 2015

Bianca's experience of becoming homeless

To coincide with the launch of Getting the house in order: Keeping older teenagers safe, Bianca (not her real name or photo) shares her story.

Bianca's story

I first came to The Children’s Society in June 2014 when I was 17.

I was a young adult carer for my mum. I was never shown any love, care or attention by my mum or dad. I experienced physical and verbal abuse from my dad and emotional abuse and neglect from both parents. I was staying with friends when I got referred to a Youth Homelessness Prevention service at The Children’s Society as I wanted somewhere safe to live.

The Children’s Society supported me to move into supported accommodation with a host family locally. I felt anxious, shy, apprehensive, scared and relieved but happy I did not have to go into an emergency Bed and Breakfast because I would not have been able to cope due to my mental health problems.

Before I came to The Children’s Society I did not have a future 

The Children’s Society supported me to have my mental health assessed which I feel would not have happened if I stayed at home. I have been diagnosed as having dyslexia and Gilbert’s disease and am waiting for two other assessments. I now get additional support for my mental health and I get 50% additional time to complete all my coursework and exams, which has made a big difference.

Before I came to The Children’s Society I did not have a future, I just wanted to die. Now I can look to the future and look forward to finishing my studies, get a job and becoming independent.

My worker explained to me that I could be picked up by the local authority to be given more support and referred me for a Section 20 assessment in August 2014, I was supposed to be assessed in September but because I was in hospital I missed the appointment. The Social Worker then missed future appointments. Eventually I met the Social Worker but he did not do any paperwork, he told me I would get the service but I did not hear anything from him again. In January I was 18 and have now been told I won’t get that service from them.

The staff at The Children’s Society have been really supportive though throughout all of this.


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