Posted: 22 March 2015

BenevoLent: A new life

Fantastic resources to engage your church in praying, giving and acting for vulnerable young people this Lent are now available.

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Over Lent we’re offering weekly suggestions for prayer, action and reflection on the gospel passages.

This week we’re reflecting on John 12.20-33  and the promise of new life: ‘Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.'

This reflection is also available as a PDF to print and share with your congregation.


Resurrection and the promise of new life are fundamental elements of the Christian faith. What could be more hopeful than the offer of being reborn, or renewed, of being given a new life and being able to move on from old disappointments or regrets?

Yet, a grain of wheat pressed into the earth is at that moment simply buried. It is dead and lost to the sun and out of sight. With nurture and care it will flourish, but the earth will lay heavy upon it.

At The Children’s Society we know that there is hope and potential for the young people we work with. But we meet them at the point when they are buried in the earth, when they feel cut off from the sun and the possibility of life with any hope.

Thankfully, we can see a new life and potential. Thankfully, we are supported so that we can offer that hope. Thankfully, we see young people burst into new life and new possibilities. It is glorious to see.


Renewing God, you show us in creation how death gives way to new life. In our Lenten journey help us to let go of our old self to make way for new life as you transform us into your likeness. Give us boundless hope in your power to change us and to change the lives of others as you continue your work of renewing the face of the earth.


Every week thousands of Christians around the country unite with us to pray for renewal and new life for disadvantaged children of our nation, like Sarah. Sign up to join them today.

By Jim Davis MBE - Church team


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