Posted: 21 March 2015

BenevoLent: The top five things people gave up for Lent, 2009-15

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Since launching BenevoLent before Lent began this year, we've published great pieces about people giving up cake, sugar and more.

The range of pieces got us thinking about whether there was information about what a very large collection of people have given up for Lent.

Conveniently, the website has scanned Twitter over the past few years, and compiled annual lists of the things people have reported giving up for Lent.

We went through data from 2009-15 and tallied the top five things that have given up the most often.

(Note: Because this data is based on tweets, well, finding Twitter at the top spot on the list of things most given up doesn't seem like a big surprise. If you're giving up Twitter, tweeting about it at the beginning of Lent seems like a good way to announce your goal and upcoming 40 days of silence, right?)


Source:'s annual Lent tracker pages.

Are you giving up Twitter, swearing, chocolate, alcohol or soda?

Or are you giving up something else for Lent?

If so, try BenevoLent, which lets you calculate how much you are saving and, if you'd like, donate part it to support our work.

By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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