Posted: 28 February 2015

BenevoLent: My journey so far

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I started my BenevoLent journey with two main aims:

One was entirely selfish: the desire to eat better in preparation for summer.

The second was a loftier goal: to appreciate how fortunate I am in the things that I can enjoy and the treats that I can give myself so frequently without any hardship that they no longer feel like treats anymore.

I haven’t reached these goals just yet. The first 10 days of cutting out of foods with any form of sugar in the ingredient list has been tough. I’ve had to say no to offers of delicious goodies, home baking has been regretfully turned down and my choice of soft drinks have been pared back to water or fizzy water. I’ve been shocked by the number of foodstuffs with added sugar. But most of all I’ve been feeling sorry for myself in my deprivation.

I think day 10 is the turning point. I’ve found my footing in what I can eat and I’m starting to really acknowledge what I’m doing and why. It’s time to stop focussing on what I’m missing out on and start to give thanks for all the things I can have. 

By Lorna Barton-Nicol - Guest bloggers

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