Posted: 25 March 2015

BenevoLent: I've given up bad carbs for Lent

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I decided to give up bad carbs for Lent this year. For me, this means no white bread, anything made with white flour, potatoes, white rice and no fast food. So I'm giving up everything that ever tasted good in the history of mankind.

In place of these carbs, I’ve been cooking more and increased my intake of leafy greens, brown rice, lean protein, sweet potatoes, fruit and veggies.

Why am I doing this?

I consume chips on occasion, but my addiction to rice led to this decision. I've become a bit of a health nut over the years and on my journey to optimum health, I found out that white rice is seriously bad for you when consumed in huge quantities. But no matter how hard I try, it's difficult to shake my craving for rice, especially since I grew up eating rice with most meals. One of my favourite dishes is Jollof rice. Seriously, it's like a plate served straight from heaven and seasoned with the tears of twenty angels. But it's made with white rice - *cue violins*.

However, I like a challenge and I'm lucky to give something up in the first place - not everyone is as lucky. 

A battle of good v evil carbs

It hasn’t been easy so far. I even cheated (only a lil' bit) on one occasion.

To get recipe ideas I've subscribed to a couple of channels on YouTube for some good carb options.

However, I need all the support I can get, so why not join me?

Get involved

To keep myself on track I'm using our BenevoLent tool to tally how much I'm saving.

If you decide to give something up for Lent, you could donate your savings to The Children’s Society.

After calculating what I'm saving by not eating bad carbs during Lent, well, let’s just say my chosen charity will be very happy.

By Katie Debra - Digital team

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