Posted: 06 August 2019

Being Young project: turning young people's stories into animations

Each year, we work with a character animation class at Central Saint Martins  on the 'Being Young' project. This is a long-term project aiming to bring young voices to life.

Each student receives a short audio recording of a young person who has been supported by us, or a project worker from our services. The students then research, storyboard and produce a one-minute animated film to reflect the themes and tones of their audio story.

The films explore what it means to be a young person today, and offer a chance to hear the voices of young people who are too often unheard. We spoke to one of the young people who lent her voice to the project.

How did you get involved in the project?

I was asked to take part in the Being Young project by providing recorded answers to a series of questions. These answers were then transcribed and trimmed into a 60 second clip.

As a Carer Ambassador and voice for one of the animations, I was invited to present one of the opening speeches where I was able thank and congratulate the creators for their work which was approached with hard work, sensitivity and compassion.

It was also an opportunity to share the rest of my story and highlight why projects like this, where young people’s voices are given a platform, are so important.

What's the best thing about the Being Young project?

The collective voice is a powerful tool as a driver for change which is why projects such as The Being Young project are so important.

As an individual I was able to share my story and have it told through someone else’s eyes. This allowed me to see the true impact of sharing your experiences with others and what can be created when your voice is heard.

The Children’s Society are fighting for the most vulnerable young people to have better lives and have their voices heard and this project successfully achieves this for the young people involved, the creators and those who resonate with these stories.


WATCH the animation: 'I Was Alone'

By Kaja Zuvac-Graves

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