Posted: 25 March 2014

Becoming a mermaid

Emma is organising a fancy dress swim in Liverpool from 11-1 on 7 June. Please contact her by email to register for the event or to support her. She kindly took some time to answer our questions about why she chose to raise funds for us and how she came to swim with a mermaid tail.

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Q. I’ve never heard of a fundraising event quite like this. Can you explain your Fancy Dress Swim?

Yes, from 11-1 on 7 June, I'll host a sponsored swim in the University of Liverpool Swimming Baths. My friend Clare and I will be in mermaid tails, and we want as many people as possible to join in and swim to raise money for The Children's Society. 

You don’t have to wear a mermaid tail, though.

We’re asking people to contact me by email to register.

Last year I did a mermaid swim on my own as a personal challenge and really enjoyed it, but now I want to share it with others, so we’re inviting people to swim as many or as few lengths as they want, and raise money for you.

Q. How did you come to have a mermaid tail?

After I had the idea for the mermaid swim last year, I researched tails, but buying one new cost over £100. So my aunt very kindly offered to make me one instead. I bought a monofin, which is a flipper that you put both feet in and it's shaped liked a mermaid's fin. My dad found a fabric website that sells swimsuit fabric, and we bought enough to cover my legs and the monofin.

Q. Why did you decide to support us with your event? 

I have raised funds and volunteered with The Children's Society several times before. I feel strongly about the causes you espouse.

Two years ago, I took part in a charity abseil in aid of your work. I’ve also volunteered and taken part in two of your Christmas carol concerts and organised the trial mermaid swim last year.  

I admire the work that you do.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for the event?

Some months before I first thought of the mermaid swim, I saw a fun run taking placing in Liverpool town centre. The runners were wearing fancy dress, and I've always loved mermaids and wanted to know what it felt like to be one, so the two ideas were easily connected! I watched videos on YouTube of professional mermaids and mermen to get ideas of how to swim properly in a tail, and I was glad to know that I'm not alone in my wish to be a mermaid!

Q: What is the main thing to keep in mind when swimming in a mermaid tail?

Hold your knees together and enjoy it! It’s fun.


Join Emma’s Fancy Dress Swim

What: Fancy Dress Swim (mermaid tail not required)

When: 11-1, 7 June

Where: University of Liverpool Swimming Baths

Register: Contact Emma Jackson by email


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By Emma Jackson - Guest bloggers

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