Posted: 02 February 2014

Become a DO-er today and enjoy whatever you DO

We have been lucky enough to have lots of imaginative, dedicated and proactive people who have organised fundraising events to raise money to support our work. From garden parties to fancy dress beer tasting evenings, the variety of events has never ceased to amaze me.

Last year, my project team and I put our heads together to come up with ideas on how we could improve the experience for you and fellow wonderful people who fundraise for us, and how we could encourage more people to use their fundraising prowess to organise their own events for us.

We toyed with a few ideas, including creating a 'fundraising family'-type club, but when we saw this DO idea, we knew we had a winner. The fun, vibrant, tongue-in-cheek feel of 'DO', we felt matched exactly the type of image we wanted to create for our event organisers - whom we are calling 'DO-ers'!

I am extremely excited that we're launching our DO appeal today, sharing it with our wonderful DO-ers, both old and new. I hope you'll get involved today.

You can DO it

Our DO appeal is all about having fun doing what you enjoy doing for a cause that is doing great things for disadvantaged children.

We have worked hard to improve the support our DO-ers now receive, as well as developing new resources and guides to help them along their way in creating their own unique even or ‘do’.

The cover of our 'DO-ers guide to doing'One of these resources - which I am particularly proud of - is our DO-ers guide to doing (we can send a copy to you today). This is a neat little guide, packed full of weird and wonderful do ideas, top tips for creating your DO, as well as games to make your DO one to member.

Whether you're a baking DO-er, a pint-down-the-pub DO-er or perhaps a read-a-book-in-bed DO-er, we would love for you to put on a DO for us. Regardless of whether it's big or small, and make a difference to the lives of young people whose childhood isn’t what it should be.

Get started today by requesting our DO-ers guide - just tell us a bit about your ideas or what we can do to help, and we'll send our free DO-ers guide to doing.

Enjoy whatever you DO!

By Stephanie Ley - Fundraising and events team

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