Posted: 27 January 2015

Be BenevoLent this Lent

Fantastic resources to engage your church in praying, giving and acting for vulnerable young people this Lent are now available.

BenevoLent has ended this year but you can still support our work - find out how today.


Our new Lent calculator, BenevoLent, launches today. It's a great tool that will allow you to figure out how much money you’re saving by giving something up for Lent - and how much of a difference it could make to vulnerable children.

If you're not familiar with Lent, it's the period of 40 days when Christians traditionally prepare for Easter by giving up a luxury, spend more time in prayer and do something to help others. The idea behind giving up something is to remember Jesus fasting and praying in the desert before beginning his ministry.

As difficult as giving something up can be, of course it’s a luxury to be able to do so. Many families in poverty have to give things up every day. Our recent report Show Some Warmth campaign reveals that almost a million children live in families with energy debt. These families have been left with impossible choices between keeping their children warm and paying off debt.

Our BenevoLent tool helps you and vulnerable children

Our BenevoLent tool allows you to select what you're giving up - chocolate, alcohol, clothes shopping, takeaway lunches - and calculates the amount that you save. It also checks in with you throughout Lent to see how you're getting on.

So this Lent, we can help you give up chocolate and make it meaningful:. Whether you’re giving up coffee, chocolate or something else, use our Lent calculator to figure out how much you could save. You can also donate some - or all - of these savings to support our work.

Lent resources

Our Lent takeaways - available later today - are a set of weekly reflection sheets to help you reflect on some of the issues arising in the Lenten lectionary gospel passages.

These are designed to be easily photocopy-able and could be printed onto the back of pew sheets or similar. With suggestions for prayer, reflection and action these easy-to-read pages offer people of all ages simple ways to deepen their Lenten preparation.

Watch out for our weekly blogs on themes of Lent.

Be sure to try BenevoLent.

By Sophie Brightwell - Church team

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