Posted: 28 May 2013

Auctioning tickets, dressing as a chilli, and more to support The Children’s Society

Every year here at Kerrang! we run Cash for Kids, our massive fundraising campaign that focuses on an issue that affects young people’s lives. For two weeks, our DJs talk on air and we hold events. I think everyone here really got behind the appeal.

This year, everything was focused on The Children’s Society’s work around parental substance misuse. We felt that it was a hard-hitting subject and all too easy to relate to across the country. It turned out to be a subject that really resonated with our listeners.

We’re quite a cynical bunch, really, but this particular appeal and the case studies we were using were so real, you could imagine you were at school with the people. It really resonated with everyone and we got behind the appeal.


Over the two weeks our presenters read out the powerful case studies, and we were all moved by The Children’s Society’s success stories, provided by their Stars National Initiative

Throughout the campaign we asked our listeners to participate and donate to help understand and address the issues at the core of the problem. Despite the heavy subject matter, it was a really great, exciting two weeks – we’re really proud of how Cash for Kids can help young people’s lives.

Highlights from this year include:

  • The auction battle for Kerrang! Awards tickets – which eventually fetched a whopping £1450 
  • The chef at the restaurant at Dobbies in Atherstone dressed as a giant chilli to raise funds
  • The CFK Day takeover in the News, including interviews with Jo, the manager of the Stars National Initiative

When Jo came to the station, she heard all of the recordings we’d made. Child actors from a local theatre gave the readings. Jo got quite emotional when she heard them. She cried and said we’d done such a good job making the recordings in a sensitive way.

We were really proud to hear that, knowing that she knew the families whose stories we were telling.

Recreating voices and a volunteer receives a Twin Atlantic gift

One of my favourite acts of random kindness this year involved a Twin Atlantic CD presentation we were auctioning on air. It wasn’t raising much money and the DJ who was running it said that our volunteer Leanne had her eye on it.

The DJ said: 'So come on, someone – pay some money for it'. A taxi driver from London called and bought it for £100. He said: 'I don’t want it, I just wanted to make a donation, so I bought this – give it to Leanne'. It was a lovely thing to hear there on the last push of the day. Also, Leanne is a university student and has been volunteering with us for Cash for Kids for three years – it was nice to see her get the CD.

Positive response

We were happy that our listeners were receptive to hearing about the work that The Children’s Society do with children affected by parental substance and alcohol misuse, and that they responded by generously donating funds and their support. In all, we were helping young people, which was a heartening result.

Such a lot went into the day on everyone’s parts, from helping to get auction prizes together, writing and making the adverts and imaging, recruiting and looking after volunteers, setting up the text mechanics and generally being enthusiastic about it in addition to the fab stuff that happened on air with the presenters!


By Kerrie Davies - Guest bloggers

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I was privileged to be invited to come up to Kerrang! Radio in Birmingham to offer my support on the last day of the Cash for Kids campaign for The Children's Society. As a current volunteer for The Children's Society, I wanted to show my passion for the cause and I can honestly say... I thoroughly enjoyed the day 100%!!

It was a pleasure working with Mitch Richards and Kerrie Davies and all the other amazing people that lent a hand at Kerrang! Radio's Cash for kids campaign for The Children's Society you are all superstars!!

It was lovely to work with you all and see your passion for the cause and the organisation.