Posted: 02 February 2015

Are you eligible for a £140 payment towards your energy bills?

Note: We updated this post in spring 2015, removing the now out-of-date calculator.

Across England, nearly two million children in poverty live in homes that miss out on a key benefit to help pay for energy costs. We're working to make sure that people are aware of this benefit.

Known as the Warm Home Discount, this benefit provides a £140 payment towards a low-income family's energy bills. 

Our Behind Cold Doors report identified that last winter, nearly 2 million children living in poverty were in families that missed out on the Warm Home Discount. The impact of this was further reinforced by our Show Some Warmth report, published this month, which showed that children in families in energy debt were three times more likely to have been ill last winter than other children. 

Our Warm Home Discount calculator

This past winter we created a calculator to help you find out whether you may be eligible for the Warm Home Discount this winter.

We will replace the calculator later this year. It will hopefully be a more simple process, following the Government's announcement that the qualification process will be simplified.

We hope you found the calculator - which we published for the past two winters - useful. Please check back later this year for our updated calculator.


By Sam Royston - Policy team

Show some warmth

Sign our petition - ask energy companies to show some warmth to children in families facing energy debt.


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