Posted: 21 January 2014

Announced support for runaways is a 'crucial step forward'

Edward Timpson, the Children’s Minister, announced last week new rules to ensure that every child who goes missing from home or care will have an independent return interview.

We have been working with the government to produce this guidance but this is something we could not have done without your support and the testimony from young people we work with.

'Fantastic news for children'

As Matthew Reed, our Chief Executive, said: 'This is fantastic news for children, a crucial step forward. We are delighted that the government has shown its commitment to such a vulnerable group of children. We’ve been campaigning for these changes because we work with runaway children across the country. We see first-hand the dangers they face while they’re missing and the problems at home that make them run away in the first place.'

Peter Grigg, our Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research, wrote in a blog on the Huffington Post: 'The guidance backs one of our key demands for young runaways: that that every young person who runs away is given the opportunity to talk to an independent, trained and trusted adult once they have been found.'

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By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital team

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