Posted: 04 October 2017

Bringing voices to life with animation

Today we’re launching our powerful animated film series based on real stories and told by the young people and families we work with, as well as some of our project workers.

Working with Central Saint Martins

We have partnered with MA character animation students at Central Saint Martins, London University of the Arts, to create a series of unique animations as part of their studies. The result is a collection of beautiful and haunting films, each based on a personal story.

To mark the project launch we held a screening event in Central London, which showcased the 36 films. You can see highlights from the launch in our video below:

The event was successful on many levels; students and tutors were pleased to see their films on a full-sized cinema screen, staff and supporters were able to engage with the whole suite of animations, and excitingly some of the young people who contributed their voices to the project got the chance to meet the student who animated their story.

‘The project has enabled students to work with a live brief and research and respond with an idea to the given soundtrack’ – Shaun Clark, Course Leader

The event was not just a moment of celebration for the project- it was a great chance to raise awareness of the films and introduce the issues within them to a brand new audience. 

The children

Over the next few months we will be sharing these films on our website. The first is called 'The children', and is based on an original poem written by a young person, Caitlin. It has been animated by Helena Bonastre Rodriguez.

Giving young people a voice

We're incredibly proud to have been involved in this project, working alongside talented students to empower the voices of the young people we work with. 

If you’re as delighted as we are by the first in our series of animations, then you can share our launch on social media and offer others the chance to hear the voices of young people who are too often unheard:

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By Louise Jones - Digital team

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