Posted: 05 December 2018

Angela's poem, Daily Reminder

Christmas should be a time for joy and celebration but for many children it will be a time of fear and loneliness. Young people across the country will be suffering in silence due to one or a multitude of problems. We work with these vulnerable young people to tackle disadvantage and give them a childhood free from fear. 

One young person we've been working with is Angela. This will be her first happy Christmas in years. From the age of eight, Angela was sexually abused by her father. Even after it stopped, she suffered with feelings of anxiety and depression.

Although traumatised by the experience, our intensive support has helped Angela begin to come to terms with the abuse and recover. She now hopes to be an advocate and speaker for those who have also experienced abuse.

Angela shares her poem Daily Reminder to remind herself and others that there is always hope. 

Angela says 'I wrote the poem to tell people there is hope and it's nice to always be reminded. I did it because people would tell me I am beautiful and amazing and I never believe it, so by doing this poem, I believe it more now.’

Last year we helped 2,987 children affected by sexual abuse and exploitation.

Donate today to help more children like Angela and learn more about how we support vulnerable children across the country.


By Kaja Zuvac-Graves

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