Posted: 31 January 2017

All aboard

Over the last few weeks we have been receiving hundreds of messages of solidarity from people all over the country. It was a real privilege reading these wonderful messages and kept everyone in the office in great spirits.

Little did we know, there was another, even more fantastic treat round the corner...

Waves of support

Five huge envelopes filled to the brim with multi-coloured origami boats covered in pictures and messages of support arrived at our Stratford services for refugees and migrant young people we support.

The Pupils from Our Lady of Muswell School in North London, aged five to ten years old, wrote their wishes, support and offered their friendship to refugees and migrant children and young people, made them into origami boats and sent them to our services.

It was a delight to go through these caring and thoughtful messages of solidarity, and now we’re going to put them to use!

good luck boat

The messages have been sorted and will be put on display in our Stratford service so that young people can look at them, read and discuss them.

They may also be used in wellbeing group sessions, to create a space of solidarity and safety that brings together young people and volunteers from which to explore and address wider issues impacting wellbeing.

Where appropriate, our Stratford services will also select and show individual messages to young people we are working with on a one to one basis, particularly where a message resonates with a feeling expressed by a young person to our Project Workers.

origami boat

You are welcome here

We’re proud to work with these inspirational young people and we’ll be showing these messages at our Stratford service hub with pride.

These messages are simple, yet effective ways of demonstrating solidarity and welcome with unaccompanied young people, countering discriminatory experiences that young people may have had since arriving in the UK, and helping them to know that whilst they may have lost or been separated from their home country, family and friends, there is a welcoming community thinking of them and reaching out with messages of support.

origami boat gif

We’re also proud that children as young as five, to grandmothers who arrived in this country in World War 2 have got in touch with us to make sure we let these young people know how welcome they are.

Here are some of these messages from the pupils of Our Lady Muswell Hill School:


Dear refugees

Poem of support

Dear refugee,
The things that I heard has been happening to you has made me cry! But I wanted to write a poem about you:

Refugees are the nicest
and what people do to you is a crisis!
I hope with all my prayers you are doing well,
Don't you fear,
because God is here!

The end

A hope to help

Dear refugees, I feel sorry for you and I would like to help you, but I can't because I am only 10 years old and I am a child.

Dear friend

Questions from Australia

I am writing to you because I want you to know that we are your friend and we hope your dreams come true.

I am from Sydney, Australia, Where are you from?

What do you dream of when you grow up?

What is your name?

What language do you speak?

I hope your life continues safe!

'My dad was a migrant'

I know how you feel.

My dad was a migrant.

When you go to the UK, you will feel so happy… I hope you get the life you want and the family you deserve.

We are one community

Dear friend,

I am writing to you because I know that you had a hard journey across the sea.

I was born in England, but I am from Poland.

Do you live somewhere else?
Once when you come to my country in England I can give you my nice warm coat.

I forgot to tell you that we are one community.

Welcome to London!

Dear friend,

I am writing to you, because we want you to know that we know you have had a hard life leaving your country and we know that you speak another language.

Anyway, what language do you speak? I speak Filipino and Indian.

Where were you born? I was born in England.

What do you eat? I eat meat, rice, broccoli and other types of things and do not feel sad because I am always with you.

Welcome to London refugees!

Welcome to my home

Hi guys, Welcome to my home - well more like our home.

I'm sure you'll be much happier in the UK and although some people are intolerant, others are welcoming.

Wish all the best.

Welcome to England

Dear friend, I hope you find a warm home.

You can still leave a message for the refugees and migrants in our services.

leave a message of solidarity

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