Posted: 14 December 2014

Advent: The coming

As Advent continues, we are still waiting.

As the weather seems to close in and draw us towards the shortest day, the darkness offers little consolation. And yet, we are waiting. Waiting for the light to come. Katherine reflects on Isaiah 40.1-11 and leads us through the darkness to the promise to come.


The coming


The spirit of the Lord God is on me 


Decembered streets dark as though the sky

has fallen like a velvet backdrop, and the year closing

in behind us with each footstep, each

seen breath a sudden shining out –


he has sent me to bring good news


The radio carols through the empty house.

Stand still, listen to your breath. For a moment

it’s as though something might be on the edge

of being said (the hopes and fears of all the years…)


to comfort all who mourn


Consolation comes soft and slow, 

doled out in spoonfuls in the kitchen, it windows 

fugged with the breath of all the usual preparations,

each taste a promise of the feast to come.  


for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation


The shops, of course, are full. Step through 

the door’s hot breath to touch the snowy 

scarves, the party-dresses like a pint of stout

velvet-smooth, their collars foaming lace. 


as the earth brings forth its shoots


A bowl of hyacinths, brought inside to open

waxy flowers, their scent electric on the air 

as though the sky itself breathed out, announcing 

– what? An arrival. The year’s turn. He comes. 

By Katherine Venn - Guest bloggers

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