Posted: 10 December 2014

Advent: The cracks between our certainty

Are you too busy to read this today? Certain that you are the most busy person around? Just for a minute, Simon Parke helps us to look beyond that certainty.

Unfilled moments

It’s possible today that your certainties may run out for a moment.

Does this ever happen? You’re busy being certain about one thing and then another thing, and then suddenly…there’s a gap, an unknowing, an emptiness.

We might feel panic, but there’s no need; for sometimes in the gap, in those unfilled moments – if we resist the tempting distractions - a different voice is heard… faintly.

We try and avoid such moments.

We rush to fill them with activity: we text someone, pick up a paper, check our emails, check our facebook page or turn on the radio.

But like cracks between the paving stones, the unfilled moments are the place of life, where a truer voice can be heard… faintly.

There’s nothing to fear in the gaps between our busy certainties.

It’s where life grows.

What are the gaps you worry about? How do you fill your time? What can you do to make more time for the things you know to be important? .

By Simon Parke - Guest bloggers

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