Posted: 21 December 2013

Advent: Meet us as we gather

Today we transition from focusing on ‘hope’ and Isaiah 35.1-10, and look ahead to the final week of Advent and its theme of 'Christ present' and Isaiah 7.10-16.

Prayers for Advent

On this eve of the final Sunday of Advent, take a moment to look back on your own Advent journey. Has it been a time for reflection, for increased understanding and a growth in your relationship with God, who loves us? You might like to find time to do this now.

If you are lighting an Advent candle each week you might like to use this prayer. You will need either one large candle to light each Sunday of Advent or four smaller ones to light one each week.

As you light the fourth candle, pray:

To all who bring their gifts for others
And who are changed in the process.
Bring your light and hope.

As we approach the fourth week of this great season of Advent we pray.

Gracious God,
meet us as we gather
at the dawning of your light.
As we hear again the story of
your love born among us,
strengthen us to face the
darkness of the world.
May we know our gifts and find our voice
and be emboldened to proclaim the joy of your kingdom,
fragile and dependent as a baby,
bright as your love shining light through
the darkness that will never overcome it.
We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, your Son.


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By Mo Baldwin - Church team

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