Posted: 20 December 2014

Advent: The importance of prophecy

Sharing prophetic visions requires bravery because speaking truth to power is often not easy or comfortable. Bishop Tim encourages us to pray for the courage to be brave and truthful.

Isaiah's phophetic visions

Isaiah as a prophet spoke out when it was not always easy or comfortable.  His words had an impact both at his time and they speak across the ages.  He, as with all prophets, both spoke the truth into the present situation and also spoke into a future which he predicted would come about and would change the present predicament.

Of course prophets are awkward characters who can appear to be taking more risks than are good for them. They are not always well understood at their time.

Injustice and inequality settle and then society often does not see the reality of the lives they are living.  Being jolted out of complacency is a crucial piece of work.  

At this time of year, Advent, we are reminded of the power and importance of prophecy.  The Children’s Society believes its work is to speak the truth sometimes in difficult situations.  We are brave in what we do.  We also know how much work has to be done to bring about justice for all children and young people.  We are ambitious in what we do.

Advent allows us not only to look back and give thanks for those who spoke out bravely in the past but also urges us to look around and notice the prophets of today.  Our work is to be prophetic and I pray we will be given the courage, strength and foresight to do what we know we must for the sake of all children and young people.

Isaiah is just one example of the power of being prophetic. So why not join us in speaking out against injustice by becoming a campaigner, and sign up today.

By Rt Revd Tim Thornton - Leadership team

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