Posted: 16 December 2015

Advent: Eleven rules for Christingle

On the 18th day of Advent, author Jeremy Fletcher offers us some new Rules for Christingle alongside Dave Walker's suggested routes to escape the mayhem that may ensue.

Jeremy and Dave recently collaborated on the fun book Rules for Reverends

This was last year's most popular piece. Needless to say, we loved it. So we thought that author Jeremy Fletcher's Rules for Christingle alongside Dave Walker's suggested routes to escape the mayhem that may ensue were worth including again in today's Advent calendar instalment. Enjoy!


The eleven rules for Christingle

1. Flames, slippy fruit, sharp pointy sticks, small swallowable objects: Ideal for children of all ages.

2. Always sit behind a bald person so you don’t set their hair on fire.

3. Don’t sit anywhere near the person who is bald because you set their hair on fire last year. Mind you, it’s probably a service they’ll be avoiding.

4. Seriously: Glow sticks instead of candles do make the same point, come in different colours, and are pretty funky. Young people know what they are, so there’s a connection there. 

5. Sponsorship of your service from the Archbishop of Canterbury's former employers in the petrochemical industry might prove incendiary.

6. A ‘Christingle construction party’ will leave you, and the church, smelling of oranges for weeks. So that’s a bonus.

7. There is nothing you can do with a leftover Christingle. So make exactly the right amount for the congregation. You won’t know their numbers until they arrive, of course.

8. Making Christingles as part of the service will at least only leave you with the separate elements at the end. Unless you didn’t get enough of them in the first place for the congregation whose numbers you didn’t know until they arrived.

9. Christingles are not copyright. But you probably only know about them because of The Children’s Society. So a collection for The Children’s Society is more than appropriate.

10. This is probably one of the times when all the preacher has to do is say what the different elements stand for. That’s enough theology...

11. Red electrical insulation tape. I’m just saying.

By Jeremy Fletcher - Guest bloggers

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