Posted: 24 December 2014

Advent: How to beat bullies

With under 24 hours to go until Christmas, Nkechi shares her personal experience on how to beat the bullies. There is deep wisdom in her words – both for those who face bullying and those who don’t – because the principles she shares ring true in standing up to any injustice. 

Standing up to injustice

We all need to recognise and accept the reality of our nation today, where 3.7 million UK children live in poverty. Since it is only then that we can speak up against the injustices that so easily pass by unnoticed. And we need our action to be driven by a clear vision of our nation being a nation where every child is free from disadvantage.

Questions for consideration:

How did you react when you watched the video? How did the story of bullying make you feel, particularly at this time of year?

What vision and hope do you hold onto when you are facing a difficult issue?

What hope might you be able to offer to children or young people who are facing a difficult time in their lives?

By Nkechi Aniereobi - Guest bloggers

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