Posted: 10 December 2015

Advent: A song from a man to the child he loves

Pádraig explores the promise of God for us intoday’s Advent calendar blog. 


When I see you,

I know that 

God looks on us with cheer

because here

is the evidence of love

in your full cheeks

in your warm eyes,

I see the life 

that love has given.


And God has given you 

a message

something to say aloud

so that all in the crowd

will hear you.


You will be the one to show us

that God

has given us 

a friend

so that we could be saved 

from the things that break us. 


This is what God promised 

from of old

to my mother, 

and her mother 

and her mother 

and her mother before her

so that we could live with generosity.


And you, dear love of mine,

know things 

that I don’t know,

and you will show us

the morning 

and you will know words to the songs

of new things, 

and in the evening 

you will sing of springs that I’ve forgotten.


And all of us 

who have lost our way 

in the night

will find our way 

to the dawn’s light

because of your words

my love

because of your words. 




By Pádraig Ó Tuama - Guest bloggers

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