Posted: 11 December 2016

A better future

Mass demolition of 'jungle'

When the mass demolition began of Calais’ ‘jungle’ refugee camp, my immediate response was one of immense empathy for those children and families whose distress and upheaval continues. It made me reflect on all those displaced in recent years from their homes and communities because of war, abuse and persecution. But I also felt pride to work for an organisation that wants a better future for all those affected.

Our response

Our Chief Executive, Matthew Reed, publically responded on October 21st, making clear the responsibilities our Government has in providing safe homes and adequate support and protection for children with nowhere else to turn:

‘This year the Government promised to offer a safe haven to children fleeing war, violence and persecution on their own. But the process of reuniting children with family here has been far too slow, and as yet no children without relatives in the UK have arrived through the resettlement scheme. With the demolition of the Calais refugee camp imminent, the Government must act with urgency to bring these children to safety.


You can help child refugees

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‘These children have been through unimaginable trauma and it is vital that their welfare is now prioritised, so that within a matter of days they are reunited with family, or given a long term placement in the care system.’

Our commitment

But I’d also like to look at our own commitment as an organisation to these vulnerable young people, and share some of our plans.

‘The Children’s Society work with asylum seeking, refugee and migrant children, young people and families living with immigration controls to have their rights recognised, respected and protected. We want to ensure a strong programme of support services providing durable solutions to support recovery from trauma experienced.

We want to provide practical support, prevention and advocacy services, increasing community and professional awareness of support for young people and families.’

We have a continued commitment to young people fleeing war, violence and persecution, but with the rising numbers of those seeking safety in the UK, our project workers are facing increasing challenges. Money raised by the Guardian appeal will provide us with a real opportunity to reach more vulnerable refugees and migrants and help us to continuously strive to improve the lives of those who most need it. 




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