Posted: 20 November 2014

Emma's toy library offers children exciting new play opportunities

When you look back on your childhood, do many of your fondest memories include your favourite toys?  From unwrapping a new toy at Christmas, to creating a teddy bears picnic on a summer’s day, toys are an essential part of childhood. Not only do they aid in a child’s social, emotional, mental and physical development; they’re also, quite simply, fun. 

Opening a new toy library

Helping us to ensure all children get the access to toys they need and deserve is Toy Library Intern Emma.

Based in Hove, Emma joins our new ‘Let’s Communicate Together’ project. She is tasked with setting up a toy library for the children of the local community.  

Unlike a library that loans out books, this library loans out toys.

‘The library is a fantastic resource for communities as it offers a variety of toys for families to borrow, free of charge’, Emma says.

Equal opportunities for all children

Based in the Hangleton Community Centre in Hove, the toy library will provide toys to children from the local area- particularly those in the early years. However, this is not all; toys are also available for children with special educational needs and disabilities, city-wide.  

The toy library will be hosted by volunteers from the ‘Let’s Communicate Together’ project following its launch event in December. 

Emma believes the project is highly important to the community. She says it will not only assist parents and carers, but that ‘the toys they have available will be a great source of fun and development… it will be fantastic to see them getting well used again.’

‘Exciting array of new play possibilities’

There’s a huge variety of toys on offer, ranging from the classic to the rather more unique. Children will have the chance to pick from a variety of options including thought- provoking puzzles, educational tools and sensory stimulations. 

The slideshow above displays just a small sample of what’s on offer. Do these bring back any memories for you? Leave a comment if they do.


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