Posted: 22 December 2015

5 inspirational fitness videos

There’s nothing new about wanting to get fit and stay in shape. At this time of year, we will soon be putting Christmas behind us and the season of resolutions will begin. As we roll out of our Christmas festivities many of us vow to start the new year with a new fitness regime. One that we’ll stick to, this time.

So we download apps, hit the sales for whatever fitness gear we can find and slowly stretch our way into some form of activity. We forget somewhere along the way that fitness should be fun. So, to keep you inspired, we’ve put together some fitness videos that remind us fitness is fun…

1- National Aerobic Championships 1988

If you’re finding it hard to get into the new year’s fitness spirit, then let the upbeat folks from the 1988 National Aerobic Championship help. In their Baywatch-worthy bikinis and purple spandex unitards, they demonstrate just how clapping and lunging in time to some thumping beats can really lighten your mood. All inherent gender inequality aside, it’s a video that screams the 80s, but that almost makes one mourn for the lost art of aerobics.

2- Arnold Schwarzennegger

Not to be outdone in how to be tacktastically 80s, this fitness video provides proper instruction on how to lift weights from the most famous of bodybuilders, Arnold Schwarzennegger. While being watched thoughtfully by his weight lifting buddies- the unitard making another welcome appearance along with that truly 80s look, the belted leotard. Arnie also reassures the ladies that this won’t lead them to have muscles like his- phew, I know I was worried. There are a few parts that look like The Terminator meets Dirty Dancing making this a popcorn worthy fitness video. Who’d have thought?

3- Mr Motivator and Cliff Richard

If you grew up in the 80s and have a working memory of the early 90s this will make you feel old. I remember when Eamon Holmes looked that young. All the more reason to stick to the New Year fitness regime. Sigh. Anyway, this video hasn’t aged badly per se. It’s more nostalgic. I mean, Mr Motivator busting a move with Sir Cliff. Can it get any better? Answers on postcards please.

4- Reebok steps 1992

It’s 1992, the tyranny of the unitard has ended- unless you’re Mr. Motivator- but the age of THE STEP has begun. Actually there may be a leftover unitard in there, it’s hard to tell because of the moody lighting. In fitness terms, the early 90s clearly hadn’t moved too far from its aerobics roots but in every other respect, things had obviously changed. Strobed lighting, muted, serious workout gear, a live band and some edgy shots from the ever roaming camera, clearly shot this puppy into the modern era. If you want to pretend you’re working out in a bootcamp from The Hunger Games meets Alien, then this is the one for you.

5- Battle of the bulges 1940s

Just to prove that the quest for fitness is older than spandex- we say, quickly googling the history of spandex, this video proves we’ve come a long way in many respects.

WARNING: if you find Mad Men hard to watch because of its antiquated attitudes towards women, then don’t watch this. Really. It will make you cross. If on the other hand you want to see the weird and wonderful contraptions that the 1940s offered to women as a solution to the dreaded bulge, this is the video for you.

Sexism aside, it looks like my idea of a good gym – there appears to be very little movement.

Feeling motivated? 

If you’re feeling motivated by the decades of fitness prowess displayed in these videos, then take a look at our Tough n Buff challenge.

No gym, no unitards- unless you really want one – just you and the challenge of your choice for 30 days.

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By Catherine Joyce

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