Posted: 22 December 2015

4 simple exercises to do at home

With the indulgence of December you may start thinking about shedding the tinsel and getting fit and active again.

Although we may want to do it, most UK adults have less than 20 minutes a day to squeeze in any exercise.

How can you get fit, feel good, and still have time for the rest of your life?

These 4 tips from celebrity trainer Sarah Maxwell, shows you how easy it is to exercise at home.

It’s a great way to start moving again, so get off the sofa, put down the chocolate and join us for a workout.


Do just one or do 100- burpees are a quick exercise for all round fitness. What makes burpees so perfect is that you are using your whole body. A set of burpees is comparable to a top speed sprint, but in the confines of your living room.

How to do a burpee

Start standing straight, then crouch to the floor and jump the legs back (you could squeeze in a quick press up here). To finish off jump the legs back to your hands and stand up. That's one complete. Now repeat.

2- Plank

We’ve all heard of planking – but you don’t have to hunt down the most exciting place to get fit with this one. You’re even still while doing it, so why not transition slowly into your full fitness programme- start by watching Christmas films in your plank position.

How to do the plank exercise

The trick is to keep your abs strong; this will protect your lower back and develop a super strong core. If you start to feel pain in your lower back, come down and build your time up slowly.

3- Push ups

Push ups are the classic exercise, think of any exercise regime and you imagine push ups. There’s no coincidence here- they truly are a great exercise. Push ups work your entire upper body, improving strength and you can notice huge improvements very quickly.

You’ll be doing one fingered push ups in no time.

As with all these exercises, you can do them anywhere, no props, no kit, just the floor.

How to do a push up

Start by placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, and remember to keep your elbows tucked close to your body no splaying out to the side. Lower and hover just about the floor, resist the urge to touch – it’ll be harder to get back up! This is the hardest bit for beginners, rather than giving up start by stopping higher- the lower you go the harder it is, so slowly build up to this.

4- Squats

If push ups are the ultimate upper body exercise,  then squats are the lower body equivalent- they work your quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings and many more.

One of the best things about these is that your upper body is free to do whatever you need to do. Squat while you read the newspaper, squat while brushing your teeth, squat while you call your mum. Ultimate multitasking.

How to do the squat exercise

Start standing with your feet hip width apart. Press into your heels and cross your arms in front of your chest as you lower to the ground. Start with a small squat and build up to a full deep squat.

Join the challenge

If you’re keen to get fit in January with these great exercises, why not sign up to our 30 day challenge. You can build your strength with these simple exercises at home and raise vital funds to help us support vulnerable children.

In 30 days you can feel fitter healthier and help our work.

Get fit, have fun, change lives.

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By Isobel Foulsham

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