Posted: 09 June 2017

2017 Election results: We all want the brightest futures for our children

The political boat has been well and truly rocked. The election result causes inevitable uncertainty, but it’s heartening to learn that the number of young people who voted is the highest in years.

Now that Theresa May will try to form a new government, she will attempt to put together a Queen’s Speech which needs to be approved by a majority of MPs.

To make sure children are a top priority, these are the important issues we want to see included in the Queen’s Speech:

Tackling child poverty

The new Government must address the projections of a shocking rise in child poverty, which is on course to affect five million children by 2020. 

We need a serious rethink of the policies which affect parents’ ability to provide for their children - like the four year benefits freeze, and two-child limit for Tax Credits and Universal Credit

Brexit: protecting children’s interests

It’s critical that the Government ensures that children’s interests – and particularly those of the most disadvantaged children - are protected during Brexit.

This should include a commitment to continue provision for children in disadvantaged communities currently paid for through the European Social Fund

EU children living in the UK also need assurance that decisions about where they can live will be based on their best interests, not just their parents’ employment history. 

Protecting children from the damage of debt

In its manifesto, the Conservative Party committed to create a ‘Breathing Space’ scheme for families struggling with serious debt.

This commitment comes on the back of our Debt Trap campaign and is a positive step towards helping protect children from the harmful effects of debt.

Support for children’s mental health

Children’s mental health is a growing concern, and the Conservative Party recognised this in its manifesto.

Children’s mental health and well-being must be a top priority. In particular, we’re calling for the new Government to protect children’s mental health by offering counselling for children in all schools and colleges.

Free schools meals

We are deeply concerned that many children in poverty will be affected by plans in the Conservative manifesto to withdraw universal provision of free school lunches for infant school children. The Government should commit to ensure that all children in poverty receive a free school lunch by providing meals for all primary and secondary school children whose families receive Universal Credit

Together we can stand up for children

Our campaigning work helped improve the lives of more than a million children last year.

Help us create much-needed change for young people in this parliament by signing up to our campaigns.

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By Matthew Reed - Leadership team

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