Posted: 14 November 2017

10 things we learnt about carol singing last year

Earlier this year we asked our wonderful supporters about their carol singing and they responded in truly great fashion.

As well as asking what advice they would give future carol singers, we gave our supporters the opportunity to tell their stories.

Below we share 10 things we learnt about carol singing, including an interesting anecdote involving a wheelbarrow.

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1. Carol singers love mulled wine

Mulled wine

We asked what people really like about carol singing and the overwhelming response was 'Mulled wine!' (as well as mince pies and snacks for afterwards).

This particular one sounded especially delightful:

'We carol sing over two evenings and are welcomed at several houses with chocolates, hot toddy, sherry, mince pies and nibbles. We end each evening at a large house and enjoy more hospitality. A merry evening is had by all!' – Mrs Wells, Gloucester

2. You should pray for good weather

Boy in the snow wearing hat and gloves

Lots of our carol singers mentioned this one, make sure you check the weather forecast and dress warmly.

3. You don’t need to be Adele to take part

Carol singers

'Try and involve as many people as possible by advertising [your event] and make sure they realise they don’t have to be perfect singers. When outside, it’s volume that is needed!' – Mrs Greenhill, Harlow

4. Carol singing brings everyone together

We noticed a recurring theme in response to the question, 'What did you enjoy most about carol singing?' Summed up nicely here: 

'A genuinely happy social event in village life, bringing church and village together, knowing that the money raised will help children.'- Mrs Chippendale, Rugby

Lots of singers mentioned that their events bring together the entire community, including non-church goers joining in the church carol service.

5. Advertise the event for greater success

Advertise, publicise and spread the word. Lots of singers advised on the need for this one in order to make the event as well attended and memorable as possible.

'Advertise in advance the date of the carol singing in the local village magazine.' – Mr Randall, Chelmsford

You can order FREE carol singing posters and invitations to help spread the word about your event.

6. Let people know who you are collecting for

Carol singing with childrens society collection box

Lots of supporters mentioned this and noted that it increased donations. Whether you say a little about The Children’s Society before a service, or order leaflets to hand out, there are lots of ways that you can spread the word.

'People reacted generously when they saw the white collection buckets that you sent me with your name on it'. – Mr Guiver, Buckingham

If you would like to order collection buckets or leaflets about our work, simply call our friendly resource team on 0300 303 0555. 

7. Just do it 

Mrs Bucknell from Peterborough had some good advice:

'Don’t hesitate, just do it!'

8. The joys of singing in public 

'Carol singing in public areas brings together people of all creeds and backgrounds…We have not only carols of Christian content but Christmassy songs and even dancing to bring lots of happy smiles. Most people who stop to donate money always comment "This is what it is all about!" WE LOVE IT!' – Mrs Noakes, High Wycombe

9. Pick your location to increase donations

Carol singers in a market

'Try to find a good place to stand where lots of people pass, with Christmas giving and fun on their minds. E.g. the high street during late night shopping or outside the theatre where there is a pantomime playing' – Mrs Foster, Canterbury

10. And finally... your outstanding commitment

wheel barrow

'Some years ago one of our young singers broke her leg shortly before Christmas but she insisted on coming carol singing and was trundled around in a wheel barrow!' Mr Hereford, Oxford

Carol sing for us

Overwhelmingly, the responses spoke loud and clear that our supporters love to carol sing every year. It’s touching to know that so many people are committed to making a difference to the lives of children at Christmas time and we appreciate the hard work of every single one of you.

Thank you and we hope there will be many more carols sung this year!

By Tom Crowe - Digital team

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