Posted: 04 February 2015

Families are big winners from £74m for Local Welfare Assistance schemes

This week an extra £74m of funding was awarded to councils to provide vital support for families and vulnerable residents. This extra funding recognises the funding constraints councils face at present, and will help them deliver an overall £130m allocation for local welfare provision and provide a vital safety net for families.

The Government's original plan to cut this funding would have ended an essential lifeline to families in a crisis. We and our campaigners called for months to reinstate funding for Local Welfare Assistance. Almost 1,000 of you responded to the government consultation and your voice has been heard. 

'Our baby had open heart surgery. The council scheme helped us when we needed it the most.' - a parent

We know how important Local Welfare Assistance can be for families in poverty and young people who have nowhere else to turn. Our research, due to be published shortly, has found that almost one in four councils use local welfare provision to help homeless young people with basic furniture to set up a home of their own. 

The extra £74m funding will make sure that local authorities can continue to provide crucial relief for families who were on the verge of losing their last line of defence. It will help families like Anna’s who had to flee domestic violence and rebuild their lives with nothing.  Anna and her children – and thousands of others like them - will now be able to apply to their local council for basic essentials such as food, help with energy bills and basic furniture. It's a fantastic result. 

'The Local Welfare Assistance scheme supported me and my kids with household basics in our new home to let us feel safe and live like a family again.' - a parent

If you need to find your local welfare scheme, you can do so - we have mapped Local Welfare Assistance schemes in every local area in the UK.

Use our map

By Lucy Dacey - Programme staff

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