Kyran's story

'The abuse had a big impact on me mentally and emotionally and I was lucky I had a project worker who was there to listen to me and support me'

Kyran met an older male through Facebook when he was 13.

He was groomed and abused over the next months, before telling his mum and then being referred to us.

Kyran’s worker supported him through a subsequent course case and talked to him about staying safe.

This is his story.

I thought I was in love

I was groomed by an older guy who was lying about his age. I met him through Facebook. 

He added me as a friend and I accepted, and then we started messaging. I was about 12 or 13 and he was pretending to be in his late teens. I didn’t think it was that bad an age gap – in my mind it was only five years and when you’re young you think you’re so much older. I thought I was in love. 

There was sexual abuse in terms of having sex but also mental abuse. 

He would make me feel like I was crazy.

People had messaged me from his area and warned me about him, but when I confronted him he made me feel there was something wrong with me. 

When I started to have my doubts I did some snooping and it turned out he was actually 23. That was after about seven months.

I told my mum and then we got in touch with the Children's Society.

I had a project worker who was there to listen to me and support me. My worker encouraged me to report what had been happening.

At that point I went to the police.

That's when I thought enough was enough

The court case was a traumatic thing to go through but it went well. The Children’s Society supported me through. It was an extremely stressful situation but it’s hard to imagine how much more unbearable the stress would have been without that support.

After the case was over I got more involved.

The Children's Society have helped me through some tough times, so it's time for some giving back

I did some readings of other young people’s stories in front of the superintendent and officers at the police HQ. I’ve been on residential weekends and I’ve done stuff about the criminal justice system and reports about what needs to change.


A brighter future

Now I’m really good. I’m the best I’ve ever been. I’m on a gap year and have just finished my A-levels. I’ve been doing part-time bar work. I do weekly acting classes and I hope I’ll be able to get a place at drama school in the next couple of years.

I’m proof of what The Children’s Society can do for young people

Their support has been so important and it has opened up opportunities for me.

I want other young people to know this support is available.

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