3 May 2012

A group of young people from our programmes in Oldham and Rochdale were given the special opportunity to let their creative juices flow in a special Tracy Beaker story event this spring.

The group travelled to the BBC studios in Manchester, where they collaborated with one of the show’s writers on penning and illustrating a collaborative book chapter -- they wrote chapter five of Tracy Beaker Returns -- about the show’s characters.

'A feeling of pride, importance, and of being valued and listened to'

Like the children in the TV programme, the workshop’s attendants have faced difficulties.

Donna Chadwich, Oldham Programme Manager said: 'It was great seeing them work together as a team to create a story about children just like them. Our programme was very pleased to support this project and be able to offer this great opportunity to the vulnerable children and young people we work with.

'Participation, voice and influence are very important to us at The Children's Society and being able to write a chapter of the Tracy Beaker book based on "real life experiences" not only helped break down barriers and build self-confidence but also created a feeling of pride, importance, of being valued and listened to in our children and young people.'

Read the young people's chapter

The young people wrote chapter five of Tracy Beaker Returns,