21 Jan 2013

Thanks to supporters from across the country, we’ve been able to reach thousands of vulnerable children all over the country. We help and protect young people who have no one else to turn to when they are at their most vulnerable.

That includes children like Jessica, who found support and guidance through our Missing from Home project in Manchester. She had a difficult relationship with her family – so much so that she struggled to make friends at school and was at high risk of sexual exploitation.

We gave Jessica intensive one-to-one support and helped her work closely with her parents and school to make sure she was making good decisions about the choices affecting her future.

She said: 'I had someone to help and listen to me and who I could trust. My worker has been great. I think I am OK now - I know where to go if I need more help.'

With your and other supporters' help, 1500 young people and their families have received mediation services from us this year. We couldn’t have done it without you.

What your support does

Through your donations our projects are able to help young people speak out when they feel that no one is listening, which can be particularly true with children in care. Our Children’s Rights Service in Lancashire works specifically with vulnerable children being looked after by social services.

Important decisions about their future are often made without them, which can lead to children feeling isolated, frustrated and powerless. We make sure the choices and thoughts of the child are represented at important meetings and work closely with them to make sure their happiness is paramount in decision making at all times.

Thank you for your support.

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