25 Feb 2013

This Wednesday, 27 February, there will be a debate in parliament on asylum support for children and young people. 

Please use Twitter to ask your MP to join the debate and speak up for children and families in the asylum system.

Take action on Twitter

If you and your MP are on Twitter, you could send a tweet to your MP to let them know you want to improve asylum support for children and young people and ask them directly to speak up.

Reaching your MP on Twitter is easy. Simply follow these two steps. 

Step 1: Find your MP's Twitter handle

Use the Tweetminster website to find out your MP's Twitter handle.

On Tweetminster, you can search by your postcode, constituency or your MP's name to find their Twitter information.

Step 2: Send your tweet

Send our pre-written tweet to ask your MP to attend the debate in Westminster Hall on Wednesday morning to discuss asylum support.

(The tweet reads: There will be a debate on the #asylumsupport report http://ow.ly/hQIqK this Wed 27 Feb at 9.30am - #WillYouSpeakUp?)

Why act now?

This call to action follows the report of the cross-party parliamentary inquiry into asylum support.

The report's findings were shocking, revealing that many families who had fled persecution or war in their home country were forced into extreme poverty once they finally reached safety in the UK. 

What needs to change?

One thing we think should definitely go is the cashless support scheme. Under this system parents are extremely limited in where they can shop, they can't take public transport, and can’t save money for bigger items like a winter coat for their child.

We are particularly concerned that support for families is so low that they can’t meet their basic needs. Asylum support is far below mainstream benefit levels, especially for those with a disability. This must change to ensure that asylum seekers and their children can live with dignity.

What else can I do to help?

We have launched the End Forced Destitution campaign, which calls on MPs to improve the support for children seeking asylum.

Please tell your MP today to tell the immigration minister it’s time to change the asylum-support system. 

Thank you

We appreciate your support in improving asylum support for children and young people. Thank you.

Please let us know how your emailing goes - either email us or send a tweet to @ChildSocPol.