19 Sep 2013

Thanks to everyone who has supported our Make Runaways Safe campaign, hundreds and thousands of young runaways are getting the support they need to keep them safe. 

We've released a report, Making Runaways Safer, that takes a look at the year since we launched the Runaways’ Charter. The charter - which was co-written by young former runaways - asks local authorities to give young people the necessary support and protection they need when they run away from home or care.

So far, more than 30 local authorities have signed up to the charter.

Great progress

Now we’re celebrating how far we’ve come. Our supporters have done thousands of things - sent emails, signed a petition, tweeted and more - to help build a stronger safety net that local authorities have put in place. 

Please have a look at our interactive timeline of the campaign's highlights so far.

To use the timeline:

  • hover your mouse over the right side of the image
  • click the shaded area that appears - it should take you to the next slide

(A full-screen version of the timeline is also available.)


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I am so pleased this bill has been passed. Other wise these children or teenagers would be sleeping rough and they would be exposed to all soughts of dangers,drugs etc.


We're pleased that so many local authorities have signed up to the charter - ideally many more will do so soon.

Thanks for your message.


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