26 Jun 2012

Fair and SquareIn England, 1.2 million of the 2.2 million school children living in poverty don’t receive free school meals. Around 700,000 of these children are not even entitled to free school meals.

Our Fair and Square campaign aims to make sure that all school children in need of a free school meal get one. Evidence shows that eating a hot and healthy meal at lunchtime helps to improve children’s learning and behaviour.

The government is also planning to make changes to the welfare system including the introduction of Universal Credit. The new system could have a huge impact on entitlement to free school meals. It could mean that some children who are currently getting free school meals may no longer be entitled to them.

Raise the issue in the media

We're looking for people who want to share their story with the media through interviews. Talking with the media is a great way to shine a spotlight on an issue and get people to take notice.

We want to hear from school children and parents of children who already receive free school meals, or are not entitled to get free school meals.

We will offer full support and coaching to anyone wishing to do media work. If you are interested in joining in and playing a part in the Fair and Square campaign, please contact the Media Team to find out more. If you are under 18 years old, you will need to have consent from your parent or guardian.