28 Aug 2013

Teatime is one of the best times of the day – for children and adults alike. So, we thought that we’d make a real celebration out of it by asking a different celebrity supporter each issue to tell us why they like ‘tea for two’ or three . . . or more.

This issue we’re having tea with celebrity chef and entrepreneur, Levi Roots.

Levi Roots

First, who are you and why are you well-known? 

I’m Levi Roots, the creator of the famous Reggae Reggae sauce.

Please tell us about your background.

I grew up in Jamaica where my grandmother taught me the magic of Caribbean cooking. Aged 12, I moved to Brixton to join the rest of my family. I’ve always loved cooking and spent hours in the kitchen refining the recipes that my grandmother taught me as a young boy. It led me into the Dragons’ Den and to the launch of my famous Reggae Reggae Sauce – the rest is history!’ 

Why do you support The Children’s Society? 

I left school at 16. I was a real bad boy back then and ended up in prison. But I don’t hide the stuff I’ve done. If you’re telling people they can get somewhere in their life, you’ve got to tell them where you’re coming from. I support The Children’s Society because they’re transforming the lives of some of most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in our society and campaign to raise children out of poverty. I’m a Rasta man from Brixton and I understand the life of kids on the streets - it’s good to be involved and to give something back.

What are you currently working on?

I’m supporting The Children’s Society’s Bake and Brew appeal. It involves baking and selling delicious cakes and inspiring parents to spend time cooking in the kitchen with their children – that’s got to be good. In my business I’m busy building the Levi Roots brand from sauces to snacks and from chilled ready meals to soft drinks. I’ve got my eyes on bringing Caribbean cookery to America, and after that world domination!

Where’s your favourite place to go for tea? Why?

In my garden at home in Jamaica, because I can pick a number of fresh leaves, herbs, fruits and vines right from the trees, or from out the ground for total organic infusion.

Who would you invite to join you for tea? Why?

My first school teacher. Why? So I could tell her (over a cuppa) how well I've done.

What’s your favourite cake and why? 

Levi Roots' chocolate and lime cake

‘My Chocolate and Lime Cake because it’s so easy to make and delicious too. Visit Bake and Brew for the recipe or check out my recipe book Sweet.’


Get involved in Bake and Brew

Levi’s favourite cake could become yours. Why not hold a Bake and Brew with your friends, family, congregation or community and try out his recipe?

You can find the recipe along with many others our Bake and Brew recipes page.

Bake and Brew Week is from 2 to 8 September, but you can hold yours at any time in the year. For more information and to download our free Bake and Brew resources, please visit our Bake and Brew section or contact our Supporter Care team on 0300 303 7000