27 Jul 2012

During the holy month of Ramadan, the Islamic Society of Britain is giving half of all donations to us and three other British charities. Learn how you can give.

As the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) explains: 'Ramadan is a very spiritual time in the Muslim calendar. But beyond the religious prayers and observations, it is also a special time because, like Christmas, it has an established tradition of sharing and selfless giving that is every much a part of it, just like the fasting.'

A community-based charity and not-for-profit company, ISB feels that British Muslims should be just as concerned about poverty, inequality and injustice in their local proximity. The charity states: 'In fact we should be more concerned about what is going on here in Britain [than elsewhere].'

Half of all donations to be sent to us and three other charities

Although the ISB raises money during each Ramadan, this year it chose to share these funds with us and three other UK charities, The Prince’s Trust, Macmillan Cancer Support and The Big Issue

The ISB says: 'Please join us in raising as much money as we can for these charities and also the ISB, during Ramadan, the month of charity.'

This year, Ramadan began on 20 July and will end on 19 August.

Please visit the ISB website to donate.