6 Sep 2012

We are looking for a young person who has been placed in care far away from home, who can share their story with the media.

Recent reports have highlighted how nearly half of children placed in care are put into ‘out of area’ placements, miles away from their friends and families. These ‘out of area’ placements are often unsuitable, and place vulnerable children far away from social workers responsible for their welfare.

We have a great opportunity to highlight this issue to the public, and are seeking a child or young adult who would be willing to tell their story to a newspaper. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

We will offer support to anyone wishing to take part. If you are interested and can do this within the next week, please email Euan Holloway or call our media team on 0201 841 4422 during office hours or 07810 796 508 outside of office hours.