8 Mar 2012

Eyes Open is a not-for-profit social enterprise which seeks to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and internal trafficking through their current campaign, My Dangerous Loverboy.

As part of the campaign the team at Eyes Open has put together a comprehensive healthy relationships resource pack called 'Love or Lies?' - for teachers, practitioners and trainers who work with/for young people. Eyes Open is aiming to get the pack out to every school in the UK.

Their vision to tackle CSE comes at a time when it has never been more prominent, with the recent release of a government Action Plan to tackle it, along with this week’s campaign against teenage rape launched by Nick Clegg. 

By helping young people to develop self-esteem, confidence and awareness of the risks of CSE through their hard-hitting campaign, Eyes Open aims to reduce the number of young victims that fall prey to sexual exploitation across the UK.