How we support children and young people

We run therapeutic support, befriending, and counselling and advice services for young people who are in need of mental health support.

Across the country, we deliver services that are children and young people led, using face-to-face and online support.

We want children of all ages and abilities to get involved in our work, and to make decisions about the types of support they receive.

You can see what services are close to you on our map

Mental health work in schools

Our mental health and emotional well-being in schools work focuses on creating emotionally healthy schools. Our programmes in schools make sure that they support students’ good emotional health and young people and families who need our help.

Specialist support for teenagers

Some children and young people need additional support. We provide specialist support delivered by qualified professionals who have lots of experience supporting teenagers. We have different ways of working that include group work and befriending that can help you work through issues that are worrying you, this includes domestic violence, abuse or young people seeking asylum.