Khudeja's story

Teenage girl curled up by railing

I welcomed a young Afghan boy who came in, in emotional and physical pain. We sat together and he told me of his experience escaping Afghanistan at the age of 11 and his journey to the UK, including being abandoned and persecution. He had also recently lost a loved one.

We listened to him and offered advice and support

He attended his GP and A&E 50 times in the last three months to get to the bottom of the physical pain he was experiencing. We listened to him and offered advice and support – he not only calmed but we also realised much of his physical pain was being caused by anxiety and his pains begun to lessen.

He left Pause stating how grateful he was, to be made to feel so welcome and listened to. He said just by telling somebody about his experiences, that he had not shared with anyone before, he had felt better and much of the physical pain had gone.