Anti-social behaviour is when you act in a way that causes other people a lot of bother or distress

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It may be one person or more than one person doing it. The people who get distressed aren’t in your house, they are members of the public or the community. Anti-social behaviour comes in different forms, including different types of abuse, damaging property or being a general nuisance in the community. 

Dealing with anti-social behaviour

Even though people who behave in an anti-social way may do it because they are bored, or trying to fit in, there are usually a lot of negative feelings around for other people. Anti-social behaviour makes a lot of people feel quite frightened and scared do things that they used to do.

Types of anti-social behaviour

  • Vandalism: This might be something like doing graffiti or smashing windows
  • Noise pollution: This might involve playing loud music at times of the day when others are resting (usually night time)
  • Verbal abuse: This might involve targeting someone and saying things to make them feel distressed or intimidated e.g. inappropriate physical or racial remarks.

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